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Mitt Romney: A Voice of Freedom and Hope? Not for America’s So-Called “Troubled” Youth

Mitt Romney’s Deep Connections to the Troubled Teen Industry Mitt Romney’s biography describes him as a well-educated businessman, skilled economic adviser, and typical family man.  He is quoted as stating, “I refuse to believe that America is just another place on the map with a flag.  We stand for freedom and opportunity and hope.” [1]  His biography references […]

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I Am A Captive

C.Kapela 2012 – I am a Captive I can still remember the way the humid air felt against my skin as I stared at the white gated facility that would house me for months and haunt me for years.   I can still recall my hand shaking as I frantically inhaled the last few drags of […]

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As Anti-Youth, Anti-Woman Agenda Takes Center Stage, Conservative Party Suffers

Can the GOP survive the loss of the both the Female and Youth Vote? As Republicans mourn the failure of their attempt to overturn President Obama’s newest health care mandate requiring that all insurance policies – even those funded by Religious organizations – cover birth control for women, the GOP’s anti-woman stance appears to be […]

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The Politics of the Troubled Teen Industry

“Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics.” – Jesse M. Unruh, 1966 Without massive campaign contributions from major industries and special interest groups, politics as we know it today would be a completely different battlefield.  Today’s politicians are not only expected to produce results for their constituents, but also to protect the interests and financial […]

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Story Submission – R. Nelson, Majestic Ranch Academy 2007

“My name is Robbie Nelson. I attended Majestic Ranch Academy in 2007. I have a story that has not left my mind since I was there. It is something I’ve always thought was wrong and should not have ever happened to me or to anyone else, but have always thought I could do nothing about […]

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Behavior Modification and Brainwashing

For-Profit Therapy Damaging America’s Youth If you were to poll the average American about the use of behavior modification and brainwashing in today’s society, they would likely respond by naming cults, POW camps, secret government agencies, and foreign propaganda films. Should you attempt to explain that these tactics are currently being used today in America […]

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Synanon: The Beginning of the Troubled Teen Industry

How Did Today’s Troubled Teen Industry Come to Be? Synanon – The Beginnings of an Industry Before reading the history of Synanon, I encourage you to visit The Synanon Museum. The online “Museum” offers a unique view into life at Synanon. In 1958, Charles E. “Chuck” Dederich, Sr, a well-respected member of the Alcoholics Anonymous […]

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The Mitt Romney & Troubled Teen Connection

Mitt Romney:  Helping Troubled Teens? If Mitt Romney is elected president, his wife has already committed to “helping” troubled teens. This seemingly innocuous statement would appear to be nothing more than genuine concern for youth…unless you do your homework on the type of “help” that Romney has supported and benefited from throughout his career. Romney’s […]

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Circle of Hope Girls Ranch

Circle of Hope Girls Ranch:  Abuse in the Name of Religion? Thanks to Donna for bringing this school to my attention.  Donna has been working tirelessly on behalf of her daughter and other children in teen institutions to bring awareness to this little-known “school” in Missouri.  Having aged out of the foster system, she wanted […]

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Before Tranquility Bay

Stories from Before Tranquility Bay – © C.Kapela It seems to be such a common theme among parents who sent their kids to programs to state, “But there was no other option!” Looking back at my life, I am in no way guilt-free. I made poor decisions and experimented with things at an earlier age […]

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