Recommended Reading

American Child, Mexican Prisoner:  Casa By the Sea

This is an excellent survivor blog with real journal entries and letters home.  Beautifully written, this blog offers a unique look into the mind of a teenager struggling to come to terms with their imprisonment in a Mexican WWASP facility.

A Life Gone Awry

Free e-book (also available through in print format) detailing one man’s struggle within the Elan School.  Though not WWASP affiliated, many of the methods used are similar and this story is one of few well-written memoirs that I have come across that truly make you feel as though you are there.

Facebook Survivor Groups

If you haven’t already, joining a survivor group on Facebook is an excellent way to meet other survivors and find ways to get involved in the fight against WWASP.  I highly recommend joining one (or all!) and using our stories and experiences to help bring awareness to this horrible industry. (CAFETY) (ELAN after the years) (IFB & SRA Cult Survivors Speak Up and Fight Back!!!) (NBGA: Proactive Survivors of New Beginnings Girls Academy) (Paradise Cove Western Samoa) (Reddit troubled teens) (Survivors Against WWASP) (Stop WWASP) (Survivors of Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult CHILDRENS HOMES) (Survivors of Straight Inc.) (Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) Cult Survivors (and their Supporters)) (Keep An Eye on PSI! (and UHS!)) (Massachusetts Students United Against The Judge Rotenberg Center) (The TRUTHS about the IFB CULT, as told by the survivors..) (Boarding School Awareness Program) (I went to Ivy Ridge) (STOP AARC) (LGBT Re-Education and Trouble Teen Industry Survivors) (Midwest Academy Survivors) (Survivors of IFB Narcissitic Families, and their supporters) (Rancho Valmora Survivors) (EXFUNDIES R US) (You know you’re an IFB Cult Survivor when…) (Green Chimneys Survivors)

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  1. Siobhan Lynch September 14, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    I know we’re quiet, but also for those who are KIDS survivors (I know, we’re the few, the cultish, the never want to look bad on it for fear we might see what really happened…)… we have two groups, one Secret (you can friend me for an invite), and one Open (KIDS of Bergen County Alumni – – ) – also, check out for some interesting stuff on KIDS and other stuff…. its in Beta right now, but by November we should be having our new team together, and it’ll be more like Huffington Post meets Fornits….


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