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I have participated as required in following student plans to shock multiple students, including when they reacted to watching a fellow classmate tied up in a restraint chair getting attacked by a staffer with a plastic knife (being held) to the student’s throat. This was a judge-approved Clockwork-Orange-type “treatment” for a student who swallowed a small X-Acto knife blade. A staffer, according to the plan, would run up to the student who had all four limbs tied all day long to a restraint chair, and pretend to force a plastic knife down the student’s mouth while another staff pressed the remote control to give a shock to the student. The staff would repeatedly yell in a gruff voice, “Do you want to swallow a knife?” Sometimes a number of students watching this would act out in fear and receive shocks for jumping out of their seat, crying out, or dumping their task in reaction to the violence. I highly doubt that the judge ordered all 40 plus other students in the same classroom to have to watch this violent “treatment” of their classmate with his arms and legs tied to a chair. This took place day after day for weeks, with their classmate unable to defend himself in any kind of way. I felt nauseated just being in the room during those treatments, and I was not one of the humans with electric shock devices strapped to my body, so I could only imagine what the students were going through.

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  1. Daniel Kapela September 20, 2011 at 4:20 am #

    When and where did this take place. At any time did you feel that you could become a target of this type of interaction? I don’t normally agree with any of these tactics, nor do I know all the issues surrounding that would prompt staff to act in this manner. I know that values, and interaction are different in different parts of the world and are formulated acccording to the issues and behavior being shown in any program. You are not clear in this post as to how this affected you, or your feelings as to your personal safety. I think I would be sick watching anything like this just like you say you were. Does this memory dictate any of your own feelings today or somehow have some part in your daily thoughts or decisions in your life now? Just looking for more personal clarification as to how this plays in your life today.

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