Sharing Through Survivor Blogs

Sharing Stories through Blogs, Forums & Pages Helps Bring Awareness!

I have been receiving a lot of great feedback on my blog and I wanted to share some other great survivor pages with all of you as well. The more people who share their experiences, the more exposure we will receive.  Further, it provides a way for recent program attendees to reach out and feel less disconnected from the rest of the world.  The loneliness we experienced when first returning home is fairly universal.  Helping to show kids that what was done to them is abusive and that they are not alone is such an important part of the healing process.

If you haven’t already, please visit the following blogs:

Phase 6 – A Voice for Thousands

Phase 6 offers a voice for anyone from any program who has survived through the troubled teen industry.  It is a great place to share and find a sense of community, as well as to locate great resources for networking, education, and advocacy.

Tales from the Black School

Multi-program blog featuring stories specific to folks who have attended a residential treatment facility, as well as great informational articles.

Just Another Hike

Stories from therapeutic wilderness programs.

Being Transported

Stories primarily focused around kids who were taken to facilities through hired “escort” services.

Survivors of New Bethany School

Blog specific to survivors of New Bethany School.

Psych Crime Reporter

Great site not only covering teen abuse, but abuse in psychiatric centers as a whole.

Surviving Straight Inc

Excellent resource not only for survivors of the infamous “Straight” program, but also other programs as well.

Straight Inc – My Brother’s Story

Heart-wrenching story and lots of resources from the sibling of a Straight survivor.

The Captive Teen

A blog dedicating to exposing those who are capitalizing off of institutional child abuse, as well as a look into teen’s experiences in these programs.

The Real Casa

Heart wrenching story of one girl’s experiences in Casa By the Sea

Straight Inc. Survivors

Excellent site with great resources for Straight survivors as well as articles/news relating to the troubled teen industry as a whole.

Comprehensive site covering news and information relating to the troubled teen industry.

National Youth Rights Association

Great organization that not only focuses on the troubled teen industry (definitely visit the forums!) but also youth rights as a whole.

Paradise Cove Victims

Site focusing on survivors of WWASP’s Paradise Cove facility.

Asylum Horrible

Comprehensive site covering all teens/youth who have been impacted by residential treatment facilities.

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