Story Submission – R. Nelson, Majestic Ranch Academy 2007

“My name is Robbie Nelson. I attended Majestic Ranch Academy in 2007. I have a story that has not left my mind since I was there. It is something I’ve always thought was wrong and should not have ever happened to me or to anyone else, but have always thought I could do nothing about it. I don’t even remember what it was that I did wrong but one of the house parents brought in two five pound dumb bell weights and made me hold the weights up straight in front of me. If my arms dropped, he stomped on my feet or in front of everyone. I must have gone up and down with those weights for more than two hours. I was stomped on and stomped on. I remember finally being able to go to bed. I remember not being able to lift myself up to the top bunk because my arms were so tired and died. The house parent said ether get in your bed or do pushups on the floor. I told him I could not lift myself up or climb up. He wouldn’t help me to bed or let me sleep on the bottom. He then tripped me to my stomach and stood on my back and told me to do pushups until I was strong enough to climb into bed. I have plenty of stories like this but dont like to climb into depth of thought about them. Just thought id share this one.”

Thank you for sharing this, Robbie.  The more stories that come out about WWASP and other abusive institutions, the more exposure we will receive as survivors.  Also – it is never too late to report child abuse such as this.  I strongly recommend reaching out to your local authorities.  Thanks for your bravery in sharing.  Should you wish to provide anything further, I’d be happy to publish.

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