Why Did I Create This Site?

I n February of 2001, when I was 17 years old, my parents – upon recommendation of a private social worker – sent me to Tranquility Bay, a WWASP run school in rural Jamaica.

This was but one in a series of efforts to “save” their troubled teen.

Previous plans threatened included being kicked out, sent to inpatient psychiatric wards, military schools, the threat of going on Montel or Maury, and being given up as a ward of the state.

This is my story, told at 17.

I was a kid. I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t helpless, however I had faced trauma both in my life and with my parents that none of us were prepared to deal with.

My hope with this site is not only to share my story with the world, but also to discourage even one parent from ruining the happiness and life of their child by signing over custody to someone who does not love your child, but rather promises – for a hefty fee – to return them as compliant as you desire.