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The Mitt Romney & Troubled Teen Connection

Mitt Romney:  Helping Troubled Teens? If Mitt Romney is elected president, his wife has already committed to “helping” troubled teens. This seemingly innocuous statement would appear to be nothing more than genuine concern for youth…unless you do your homework on the type of “help” that Romney has supported and benefited from throughout his career. Romney’s […]

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Sharing Through Survivor Blogs

Sharing Stories through Blogs, Forums & Pages Helps Bring Awareness! I have been receiving a lot of great feedback on my blog and I wanted to share some other great survivor pages with all of you as well. The more people who share their experiences, the more exposure we will receive.  Further, it provides a […]

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Share Your Story!

Welcome to the WWASP Diaries! Its great to see so many readers visiting the site and we have started to receive some story submissions as well! If you have a long story or essay you’d like to share and don’t mind having it published on the blog, please e-mail it to wwwaspdiaries@gmail.com. We’ve also included […]

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Reflections on Tranquility Bay

A Poem Keep your eyes cast down, for there are foxes in our midst. Dream of the future, never dwell on the past. Line up, line up.  Eyes low, face blank. You bought me the book on non-conformity. How can you force me to be like everyone else? Across a mountain, an ocean, a country, […]

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